Advika (Jharkhand & Delhi)

Izel Labs researched extensively on crafts and came up with a proposal for alleviating poverty through craft design intervention.

Advika is an initiative that works to empower local artisans and semi-skilled workers to directly sell commercially viable products and services to vendors across India improving the livelihood of marginalized artisans and their ability to innovate techniques and design in collaboration with national buyers. Over the last few years, we have worked with the local artisans in the village of Jharkhand and trained young girls at Mehrauli in Delhi.
Jharkhand :

Handicraft is the second largest occupation in India, after agriculture ( Its becoming important to enable the artisans and craftspeople to develop products that are commercially viable, which will provide sustainable income.

The work in Jharkhand utilized research to understand tribal crafts, assess production and distribution systems, and leveraged workshops to provide artisan training around their current skill sets for commercially viable products. Specifically, this project leveraged local socio-economic assets to empower and educate artisans on the value of their work and opened channels for collaboration with buyers to create new and hand tailored techniques and design for locally-sourced products.
This project utilizes stakeholder and asset mapping to understand tribal craft, asses production as well as distribution system and leveraged workshops to provide artisan training for design over a period of 6 months for commercially viable products. Several artisans were selected and trained under Jharcraft, a state run craft organization. Through research, new distribution and marketing channels were pinpointed to streamline communication and pricing between artisan and the buyer.

The project ran through 6 months in Jharkhand and the response was great in the urban market. But, due to lack of accessibility and safety in areas which are naxal infested, the project was scraped off the ground and the success of it can be measured by the richness of training and information that was channelised to the tribal belt in those 6 months.

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