"What’s New In The Urban Interior Design Industry?"- Womenplanet

1 March 2016

FEATURED IN: Womenplanet

Giving your home a new look with simple interior design concepts is an art, an art that is constantly evolving. You will see newer concepts, newer ideas and thoughts that can add magic to your abode. One such concept is that of the Scandinavian designs.Read more…


"5 Creative Home Decor ideas You Will Love!"- Womenplanet

1 March 2016

FEATURED IN: Womenplanet

Décor should be such that one can often change it. It is a human tendency to look for change continuously and if the décor is simple, it can be garbed up to become trendy and sometimes even fun. Here are some ideas to try it Read more…


"Tips To A Well-Dressed Bed – Enjoying A Luxury Bed At Home!"- Womenplanet

29 February 2016

FEATURED IN: Womenplanet

I am a hotel junkie. And while I was growing up, my interest in how my room looks was little. But, as I grew older and of course as I started my career in textiles, I more and more disliked the sloppy sleeping quarters. It gives me immense comfort to come to a perfectly made bed at the end of the day.Read more…


"5 Ideas To Make Diwali Candles @ Home!"- Womenplanet

29 February 2016

FEATURED IN: Womenplanet

Diwali is a festival of lights. We all love lighting up our houses and bringing in health, wealth and prosperity. How about if this time, we gave candles a different life. We welcome the festive season with a twist, all at a minimal cost. I usually love these little DIY projects that is easy to undertake with some great results. Read more…


"How To Care Your Bedsheets For A Longer Life?"- Womenplanet

27 February 2016

FEATURED IN: Womenplanet

After investing a considerable amount of time, money and efforts on buying a set of perfect linen, a lot of times we think our responsibility ends. But that’s not true. One needs to wash and iron bed sheets, bedcovers, comforters, pillows and throws, properly and regularly so that a fresh look is maintained. This article is all about educating the readers some do’s and don’ts of looking after your linen Read more…


"Talking Textiles with Izel Homes"- Nestopia

23 February 2015


The easiest way to change the mood of a room is by changing its curtains and soft furnishings. A burst of vivid colour can liven up a room while muted monotones can give the same room a somber serious vibe. Thus it becomes important to give a serious thought to the how fabrics are incorporated in your décor to reflect the intended mood of a space Read more…


"Gaga at Creative Gaga"- Creative Gaga

1 March 2013

FEATURED IN: Creative Gaga

Izel Homes got featured with 3 of its products under the “thoughtfully designed products one must acquire” category.

New Doc 5_1

"Prismma Design Directory"- Prismma

2 October 2012


I started my own design studio in 2011 when I saw a huge gap in the Indian market. People would go buy textiles from abroad and a larger population was looking at quality products. With Indian economy booming, a huge percentage of people have disposable income which is getting invested in the home segment. This area is largely untapped by Indians as textiles have always been a focus for export market.Read More…


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